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Perfect Flight - Flying The World Bundle Pack
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Computer Pilot VOLUME 12 - ISSUE 5
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The Flight SImulator Pilot's Magazine 

Title Computer Pilot VOLUME 12 - ISSUE 5
Publisher Pc Aviator
Media Download 20 Mb / CD-SERVICE

May 2008

Upgrading to Windows Vista
“If more than a decade in IT has taught me one thing, it is the old adage that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is mostly true! Early in the New Year, I decided to set about building a new PC. On the software side I had to decide whether to add Windows Vista or stick to the tried and trusted Windows XP.”

Short Forms, Long Troubles
Using a VOR/NDB/GPS IAP at KTYS under IMC in MSFS can be a TA. Well, not really, because KTYS doesn’t have a VOR/NDB/GPS IAP for use under IMC. Sentences overloaded with abbreviations are often found later in a book or article, after they’ve been identified. But the topic of this article mandates such a sentence up front, to make a point. Bill Stack makes his point very clear in this column!

How to Fly like a Thunderbird - Part III
In our last two articles we covered the basics of online formation aerobatics to a point where the natural progression is to now attempt some or all of the maneuvers flown by the USAF Thunderbirds and begin to string together a show.

Flight Sim Affairs and Crimes of Passion – Part V
“My pre-occupation with flight sim had brought me to the brink of losing my job. I’d been ordered home from the Chatswood branch of Crime Scene Ops and instructed to take some leave while my superiors dealt with the fallout from that morning’s embarrassing events at the crime scene.” The final chapter of Bill Smith’s sim fiction series!

The MITRE/VATSIM Event Report
Now there is yet one more good reason to feed the flight simulation habit- it may prove to be a valuable resource for aviation planning purposes…

Combat Air Museum – The B-36 “Peacemaker”
The Peacemaker holds the distinction of being the largest ever piston powered, combat aircraft. It was also the first aircraft to be fitted to carry thermonuclear weapons. The B-36 set the stage for future long-range bombers, such as the B-52 and the B-1B.

Building the Ultimate Sim Series – Part II
Last month we took a look at a variety of the control, display and environment options available as the more basic level of enhancements. The next tier is where the enthusiast begins to get even more serious about the options and one of the ways this is reflected is by selecting control yokes of full metal not plastic construction.

Round Robin Adventures – China Southwest Airlines
We are flying for China Southwest Airlines, and will be doing a full “three cycle” day with landings at Xiamen, Taipei and Hong Kong.


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