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Perfect Flight - Private Flights - Mooney Bravo FSX/P3D
Perfect Flight - Private Flights - Mooney Bravo FSX/P3D
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AFS - MiG-21 FSX
Product Price: 19.98 TEXT_PRICE_EXCL

Title AFS - MiG-21
Publisher AFS:design
Version  FSX 
Download  38 MB (No refunds given )
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>>more screenshots

MiG-21 Mikojan-Gurewitsch - v2:

- High resolution textures
- DDR repaint with proper IDs
- New Repaints
- Cockpit reflection
- VC Smoothing
- New animations
- Landing and taxi headlights
- New Sound


- Detailed outside and interior model inclusive animated virtual cockpit of Pilot and Flight Instructor
- Highly soluble textures with surfaces reflecting
- Extensive light effects (e.g. Navigation and landing lights)
- Numerous animations (e.g. canoby, move in gear with spring system)
- Animation of all tax flaps (e.g. airbrakes and spoilers)
- Auxiliary rockets at the start

- Realistic flight dynamics
- Formation flight model with 4 MiGs
- Complete functioning autopilot
- Avionics for radio navigation

- Engine animation inclusive thrust reversing and afterburner
- Completely functioning virtual cockpit from view of the pilot


- German Democratic Rebublic ( GDR ) National Peoplearmy ( NVA )
- Russia Airforce, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypten, Hungary, India, Poland, Romania and Szech
- Texture for repainter

The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 (NATO reporting name "Fishbed") is developed in the Soviet Union interceptor. Already in 1959 put into service, the MiG-21 is the most produced combat aircraft since World War II and the most numerous jet aircraft ever, with about 11,000 copies. With more than 50 years of production, it is also the longest-built fighter aircraft around the world and stood at about 50 Air Force on four continents. It also makes Aircraft with more than 20 versions in four generations. Among other things, the legendary single-seat variant of MiG-21 MF and two-seat variant of the MiG-21 US. Also be produced in the People's Republic of China today MiG-21 variants, known as the J-7. Even today, includes some 500 MiG-21 and more than 1000 J-7 / F-7 (Chinese copies) to the inventory of the Air Force in the world. Not least, the MiG-21 was the most important Fighter aircraft of the Air Force / Air Defense of the GDR with more than 20 years.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Friday, 18. November 2016 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
Hersteller Info 
AFS Design
AFS Design Homepage
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