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Perfect Flight - FSX Missions United B777-300
Perfect Flight - FSX Missions United B777-300
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Khrabrovo Cosanta
Product Price: €19.99
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Khrabrovo is the only scenery in the world where pretty girls lead you to your parking 

Title Khrabrovo Cosanta
Publisher AlfaFly
Version  FSX   FS9
Media Download 72 Mb - CD-SERVICE

Khrabrovo - is the only scenery in the world where pretty girls lead you to your parking, work according to ICAO standards and appear and disappear when and where appropriate. The girls are equipped with a full set of seasonal textures, their light indicators and reflective vests work during the night. The texture details are truly amazing - face texture alone takes as much as 512 pixels at height which is 16 (!) times more than the standard used in most sceneries.

Animated laborers
«Wow», «Unbelievable!», «I want it!!» - these are the only emotions one could express watching the first screenshots, test ones then. The aircrafts at the most popular parkings are serviced by 3D loaders, loading the luggage precisely into the proper manhole, technicians patiently inspecting the aircrafts systems and the supervisors controlling the work flow. Yes, we even do not say a word about animated marchallers and moving passenger steps and buses with passengers.

Animated passenger steps
Self-propelled SPT-114 KD-Avia, with night lights. They are animated and come precisely to the aircraft manhole allowing the passengers arrived by buses to come aboard. The passenger steps are designed for the aircraft types assigned for the parking. These are B737-300 by Wilco/PIC, Tupolev Tu154 B-2 by Project Tupolev and Yak-42 by Samdim Design. The passenger steps are completed with night textures with pseudo-lighting. In order to have somebody to step on, there are the passengers coming by buses.

Live birds :)
Flocks of birds are flying in the skay over Khrabrovo! Each bird is animated and has its own good-looking textures – there are pigeons and crows implemented in the scenery which kite in the sky but do not interfere with aircrafts routes as their flight areas are away from the runway in spite of perfectly real and indescribable trajectories.

When you set the transponder to 7700 the runway gets covered with fire foam for the case of gearless landing, and highly-detailed ambulances rush towards the holding points of runway 06 through taxiways 5 and 6. In case if you set the ADF to 123 frequency, there will be ambulances waiting for you at the parking 2, ready to take the injured passengers.

Breathtaking airfield
There are 84 HIL lights along the runway and one of them is poorly lit. Check with reality :). Surface is absolutely real – up to change in the runway pavement and dirt on the taxiways. Khrabrovo Cosanta includes real number of lights both along the runway and taxiways, right number of steps in all terminal ladders and dirt spots are where they are in reality according to pictures, there are communications laid down beneath the field pavement with visible patches and runway surface changes at the 2250th meter, just like it does in reality. In addition we would mention proper number of concrete pads on the taxiways, smooth transitions to the default terrain, flaked markings, snow banks in winter and dozens of other breathtaking moments!






As real as it gets
Trees placed according to satellite photos, concrete pads cracks as in reality, people and buses standing where they are on the pictures, equipment at right locations...

We scrupulously created each and every scenery detail, paying attention to all Khrabrovo nuances and features. It is enough to say that it took us approximately 1 month and half of working over the main terminals, 40 textures and over 20000 polygons. We created everything ranging from oil dirt to marking flakes. The airport deserved the highest evaluation of realism from the M.Team leader who visited Khrabrovo and indescribable emotions of real airport personnel who tested the scenery and gave a number of advice pieces for achieving maximum level of realism. The truth is that we do not know any other such close to reality port in whole Russia.

Crazy Easter Eggs :)
The Medved is the personage of Khrabrovo from the very first version. Now besides this animal you will find other well hidden easter eggs!

Sometimes it happens that the Medved girl does not want to have sex with the Medved boy. Poor animal runs onto the runway with his balls chiming and yells "preved" to all crafts performing go-around. We added simmers making barbecue and unusual textures at some places... Explore it :). As always, the algorithms of our Easters showing up are top secret!

Inexpressible details
Scotch blocks, dirt spots, flaked markings, forgotten luggage, smiling people, bootlaces on marchallers shoes, lopsided meteo shields – the smallest details are inside!

There is nothing more pleasant than seeing the smallest details in the scenery, as this is where you understand how deeply and scrupulously it has been worked at. In spite of well enough large Khrabrovo area we created indicators at stationery power supplies, garbage bins, bus schedules, broken lamps, antennas on buildings, dirt on cars, reflections in glass, rain reflections on ground, oil spots, mail boxes and many others. Check it out yourself, it is all worth seeing!

High frame rates
In spite of awesome details, the frame rates decreased just some frames.
We’ve been striving for that at our best and achieved the result!

The objects are displayed utilizing a special algorithm preventing the small details and models to be displayed at long distances. We have performed a huge work on eliminating unneeded polygons and scenery optimization on the whole. Now we can confirm, there is practically no difference in performance between the default scenery and Khrabrovo!

YOU! In the scenery!
Thanks to simple and detailed instructions you will be able to upload your own photo into the scenery and you will find yourself at the platform near the main terminal. We are sure this is a good way to persuade your friends the sim is so real that there is even you inside :).

Some other features
Main terminal with dynamic reflections on glass; traffic control tower adapted for visual control through VRC; vehicles with real numbers and other Khrabrovo Cosanta features!

It is impossible to enumerate all the scenery features here. Let us point out the most interesting ones:

* Innovational main terminal
It is the result of a scrupulous work and numerous corrections, facility created using a unique technology which detail level has not ever been reached before – up to the number of steps and spots at the bus stop. We also created the new portion under construction where we used the technology of dynamic and real reflections in the glass! Now they shine in the sun and get dark reflecting the thunderstorm clouds.

* Traffic Control Tower for visual control
It has thick brick walls, glassed windows, wallpaper on the walls and a mic to speak into :) Everything is ready for a visual traffic control using popular software.

* 3D lights
Every light, of course: at taxiways, runway, approach lights OMI, PAPI and runway end lights are three-dimensional. The light intensity of each of them matches the reality!

* Dozens of new objects
We introduced numerous new objects - a whole settlement next to the main terminal, animated radar, fences, ramps, equipment, people, roads… we even do not remember every thing that we added :)

* Lights on poles and buildings
In order not to destroy a number of important buildings within the port territory they are equipped with red lights lit through the night - just like they are in reality. And this is simply beautiful! :)

* Static aircrafts
As there shall be military traffic present at the military parkings, we created from scratch the models of Su-27, An-24 and Tu-134 in corresponding liveries and placed each craft precisely into the place where it is in the real airport.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 31 March, 2008.
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