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Perfect Flight - Ultimate DHC-2 Beaver Simulation
Perfect Flight - Ultimate DHC-2 Beaver Simulation
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SD - FS9 Yakovlev-40 Gold
Product Price: €16.00
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Title SD - FS9 Yakovlev-40 Gold
Publisher Suprunov Design
Version  FS9   
Media Download 300 MB (no refund given) - CD-R Service

This package represents full assembly of all fixes, patches, extra files, flight manual and two aircraft versions (basic and lite) reworked for Vista compatibility and bundled into single installer

Yak-40 was the first and the only jet powered airliner in its class in service in large numbers anywhere in the world, preceding the ERJ-135 and 328JET by three decades.
Design of the Yak-40 resulted from a mid 1960s Aeroflot requirement for a replacement for the thousands of Lisunov Li2s (Soviet built DC-3s), Ilyushin Il-12s and Il-14s (2-engines prop liners) that were in service during the fifties. Aeroflot attached great significance to the Yak-40 program, as the aircraft was intended to operate regional services that accounted for 50% of Aeroflot's passenger traffic.

A S Yakovlev (after whom the design bureau is named) led the Yak-40 design team, and first mention of the program's existence was released on October 21, 1966, when the first prototype made its maiden flight. The type entered production in 1967 and entered service with Aeroflot in September 1968.

The Yak-40's most noticeable design feature is its trijet configuration, with three specially developed Ivchenko AI-25 turbofans. The three jet engine layout was chosen for increased redundancy and good short field, hot climate zone and high altitude performance, which is very important in many areas of Russia like Siberia, Far East, Caucasus, Urals etc.

The unswept, high aspect ratio wing is also designed for good field performance. An APU and built-in stairs allow autonomous operation at remote airfields.


This project consumed 2 years of intensive development. It has several unique features:

  1. It is one of a very few aircraft on the market which incorporates the state-of-the-art technology of smooth moving needles in virtual cockpit (they are 3D modeled, not gauge bitmaps), therefore they move smoother then in 2D.

  2. It doesn’t matter that this is “Russian Metal”. You can easily switch entire VC flight deck to international layout with single click. This will change not only texts on labels, but also control panels of different systems, scales in appropriate gauges and logics of airspeed, altitude, vertical speed indicators etc.

  3. It has a very handy module “Deck Navigator” which is actually a custom programmed tool which acts similarly as active camera and lets you easily jump to different seats in VC (i.e. changes view position). It works in 2D cockpit also and changes views, recalls subpanels etc.

  4. It has smart loader/refueller/ground service tool which can change load configuration, fuel, changes weight/balance characteristics in real time (i.e. – fill on of the tanks with fuel and machine will experience bank immediately). Loader configures passengers and cargo load also and shows up CoG position (for operating movable stabilizer). Ground service module permits requesting and connecting of external air for startup without APU and external electrical power.

  5. It has custom programmed thrust reverser of engine No.2 which can be operated in flight like in real thing for correct landing procedure.

  6. Flight dynamics were fully refined, tested/tuned and approved with 5 real life pilots currently flying Yak-40. Even handling in icing conditions (changing of flight dynamics) and movable stabilizer were incorporated into model’s logics and dynamics.

Flight Deck

  • 2D panel consists of more then 20000 bitmaps and represents actual environment of the Yak-40 flight deck with incredible detail.

  • More then 200 clickable and fully operational switches and knobs

  • 4 modes of deck lighting: Day, Night with white floodlight, Night with red spotlights and Mixed (Night with both floodlight and spotlights).

  • 6 Full screen panels: Captain's seat, Co-pilot's seat, Center Pedestal, Overhead, Left and Right consoles.

  • "Zoomed-up" subpanels represent all vital instruments in easy to use and convient way and even permit precision flying in external view

  • The complete Type-3 layout with international SO-72 transponder, Feet and metric altimeters, SD-75 DME indicators, Kurs MP-70 VOR-DME system (2 units), 2ADFs, authentic GMK-1G course system with latitude and magnetic correction.

  • The Electrical system consists of 6 inverters (4 switchable and 2 automatic), 2 batteries (which can charge from ground electrical power and generators and discharge), control panel for 28V, 36V and 115V subsystems and circuit breaker panels.

  • The Hydraulics system consists of two subsystems (primary and emergency) and is equipped (in panel logics) with 2 hydraulic pumps, hydraulic reservoirs, hydraulic feed station, control gauges and switches. The system feeds with hydraulic pressure the movable stabilizer, brakes, the thrust reverse mechanism, the nose gear steering, flaps, landing gear and the combined retractable stairs/door of the main exit.

  • Engines can experience danger vibrations, icing and overheat conditions if the pilot fails to accomplish the flight manual procedures in correct manner.

Exterior model

  • This model was created as accurate replica of 4400kg fuel load variant of classic passenger version of the Yak-40.

  • Model animations include all standard control surfaces, trimmers, gear, flaps, doors and emergency exits, retractable stairs, movable stabilizer, retractable landing lights, thrust reverser and other nice-looking goodies like wings flexing etc.


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 November, 2008.
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Suprunov Design
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