British Airways Flight Operations MSFS


Publisher – Perfect Flight
Title – British Airways Flight Operations MSFS
Version – Microsoft Flight Simulator Standard or Deluxe ( To use the B787-10 you must have Premium Version)
Media – Download 750 MB (No refunds given )

Hello Captain! Welcome to British Airways Flight Operations!

This All-in-One add-on gives you the ability to replicate the flight operations of a pilot from one of the world’s most prestigious airlines.

British Airways was founded in 1971 by the merger of the two main British airlines of the time, BOAC and British European Airways, plus two other small regional airlines, Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines, respectively based in Cardiff and Newcastle upon Tyne. On March 31, 1974, the four airlines were merged into British Airways, which began operations the next day.

Now you can fly for hours classic routes from / to London, Aberdeen, Geneva, Bologna, Pampalona, Nuremberg, Bergen, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Belfast, Maastricht, Vienna, Rome, Zurich and experience the thrill of an intercontinental flight to New York!

You start each mission with the plane parked at the gate, cold & dark, so you have the complete control and responsibility of any aspect of the planned route.


Product includes three new liveries for the default Asobo planes:

  • Airbus A320neo Better World livery
  • Boeing 787-10 Classic livery (to use this plame you must have Premium Version)
  • Boeing 747-8 Landor livery

Missions Pack:

  • 12 IFR Flights (8 if you do not have Premium Version) completely integrated with the ATC system.
  • New and improved module for a more realistic piloting experience.

The new script module includes:

  • Taxi Checklist
  • Taxi announcement
  • Before take-off checklist
  • Speed calls
  • Stall, Flaps and Overspeed monitoring and warnings
  • After take-off checklist
  • Gear, Flaps and Altitude check
  • 10000 feet speed check
  • Passenger safety warnings
  • 18000 feet altitude check
  • Descent Checklist
  • Approach briefing
  • BeforeLanding checklist
  • After Landing Checklist
  •  …and more!

Fly for hours in a large range of scenarios and enjoy a most realistic flight experience in a real aeronautical world ambience.

Custom Settings

  • You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, date and time.
  • You have full access to Checklists and Assistance Options.
  • Multiplayer feature is also enabled, so you can fly online with your friends.