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    Flight Service Mega Pack



    Publisher – Perfect Flight
    Title – Flight Service Mega Pack
    Version – FSX (All Versions) – FS2004
    Media – Download 1,2 GB (No refunds given ) or Download + CD-R (+ € 12,00)

    Flight Service Mega Pack offers you an incredible opportunity to collect  the entire “Flight Service” series previously released as single product! You will get 45 exciting missions with 19 planes included! Feel free to fly in Alaska, America, Africa or over the most challenging airports in Europe with stringent rules imposed to limit the noise impact from aircraft operations, very short runway and steep glideslope!

    Two separate version are provided so you can use the product in FSX or FS2004. Missions uses real weather for a very enjoyable simulation.

    Flight Service Series give you more realistic flight experience recreating real word ambience with new and unique features. You can really simulate a multi-crew enviroment with interactive briefing, checklist, Cabin Announcement and much more.


    • San Josè to San Diego
      Long Beach to Oakland
      IFR Chicago to Washington
      Malpensa to Schiphol
      IFR Heatrow to Fiumicino
      IFR Athens to Frankfurt
      UA274 – San Francisco to Honolulu
      UA274 – Honolulu Approach
      SW378 – Dallas to Denver
      SW378 – Denver Approach
      AA503 – Albany to Chicago
      AA503 – Chicago Approach
      AT664 – Casablanca to Palma De Mallorca
      AT664 – Palma De Mallorca Approach
      HV822 – Rotterdam to Florence
      HV822 – Florence Approach
      IB304 – Lanzarote to Hierro
      IB304 – Hierro Approach
      OA525 – Stuttgart to Mykonos
      OA525 – Mykonos Apporach
      OA525 – Mykonos Final Landing Rwy 16 Visual
      LX416 – Paris to Zurich
      LX416 – Zurich Approach
      LX416 – Zurich Final Landing Twy 34 Visual
      SU335 – Varsaw to Moscow
      SU335 – Moscow Approach
      SU335 – Moscow Final Landing ILS 25L
      BA024 – Zurich to London City
      BA024 – London City Approach
      BA024 – London City Final Landing ILS Rwy 28
      LX883 – Cagliari to Lugano
      LX883 – Lugano Approach
      LX883 – Lugano Final Landing Rwy 1 Visual
      TP957 – Porto to Madeira
      TP957 – Madeira Approach
      TP957 – Madeira Final Landing VOR Rwy 23
      AS391 – Sitka to Kodiak
      AS391 – Kodiak Approach
      AS391 – Kodiak Final Landing
      AS187 – Juneau to Cordova
      AS187 – Cordova Appoach
      AS187 – Cordova Final Landing ILS Rwy 27
      AS061 – Fairbanks to Anchorage
      AS061 – Anchorage Approach
      AS061 – Anchorage Final Landing ILS Rwy 6L


    • Bomabrdier CRJ-700 United Express, British Airways
      Bombardier CS100 Swiss
      Bombardier Learjet 45 Alaska LifeGuard
      Airbus A321 JetBlue Airways, Alitalia, Iberia, Swiss, TAP
      Airbus A350 Aeroflot
      Boeing 737-800 American Airlines, KLM, South West, Transavia, Olympic Airways, Alaska Airlines
      Boeing 747-400 Lufthansa, United Airlines, Royal Air Maroc


    Here the list of complete Mission’s feature (FSX Version)

    • Interactive briefing
    • Pre-start checklist
    • cockpit and cabin preparation
    • Taxi checklist
    • Captain speaking Taxi announcement
    • Flight Attendant Taxi briefing
    • Before Takeoff checklist
    • Takeoff calls (60, 80, V1, Vr, V2, gear up, flaps up)
    • After takeoff checklist
    • 10000 feet warnings
    • Flight Attedent announcement
    • 18000 feet warnings (altimeters)
    • Altitude alert
    • Descent checklist
    • Landing checklist
    • Flight Attendant Landing briefing
    • GPSW (2500, 1000, 500, 400, 300 200, MA, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10)
    • After landing Checklist
    • Flight Attendant after landing briefing
    • Parking checklist

    To understand how you can interact with the mission in FSX, see the video below.


    About our Missions for FSX

    Ray Marshal from Avsim.com: “…This is most definitely a quality add on that elevates flight simulation to a whole new level of immersion. Until you personally experience the verbal conservations and the professional level of flight planning with the perfectly timed step by step checklists it is difficult to know what you have been missing…”

    Bill Stack from Flightsim.com: “Perfect Flight’s missions to various locales around the world are interesting, challenging, and fun to simulate. The IFR flight plans simplify flying the missions”


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