Fs Approaches Vol. 4 – UK Airports


Publisher – Perfect Flight
Title – Fs Approaches Vol. 4 – UK Airports
Version – FSX (All Versions)
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Fs Approaches Vol. 4 UK Airports is now available as download or CD-R Service

Product have been designed to work exclusively with Flight Simulator X. The product includes 30 missions to simulate real approach plates to major Airports in United Kingdom .

FS Approaches Vol. 4 – UK Airports offers you a realistic collection of multi-crew airline missions to replicate real life approach plates. Missions give you a realistic flight experience in one of the most important phase of flying.

All pre-saved Flights approaches uses real weather but yuu can also edit each approach using the exclusive Flight Manager.

Product also includes the Flight Manager, a stand-alone software that allow you to edit each flight approach. You can choose and change weather, time and season.

Product Feature:

  • 30 Missions / Approaches over all major Airports in United Kingdom

  • Charts and Maps

  • Flight Manager. You can use this software in order to edit any pre-saved flight approach used by missions. You can set Time, Season and Weather for each approach plate provided.

  • Tutorial. Learn how to use the GPS to execute an Approach. The User Guide includes detailed instruction about Basic Approach operation, Approaches with Procedure Turns, MIssed Approach, Approach with a Hold, Vector to Final Approach, and more.

  • Fleet. Fs Approaches Vol. 4 includes six planes: Boeing 747-400 TNT; Boeing 737-800 EasyJet; Boeing 737-800 British Airways; Airbus A321 LTU; Airbus A321 British Airways; Borbandier CRJ-700 Eurowings


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