Fly Emirates Missions Pack


Publisher – Perfect Flight
Title – Fly Emirates Missions Pack
Version – FSX (All Versions)
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A new set of 15 missions for Microsoft Flight Simulator X to elevate your flight simulation experience to a whole new level of immersion with professional flight plans, timed step by step checklists and realistic procedures.

Missions features Flight briefing, Cabin preparation (Frequencies, Autopilot etc.), Step by step Check Lists Procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking) with prompt menu. Crew announcements, speed calls and restriction, Captain speaking, GPWS and much more! Carts and maps are provided for all destination Airports.

Emirates Airline Fleet:

  • Airbus A380 standard livery
  • Airbus A380 special livery “A.C. Milan Official Sponsor”
  • Boeing 777-300
  • Boeing 747-400 SkyCargo livery
Route Aircraft
EK01 – Dubai to Rome Fiumicino Airbus A380
EK02 – Paris to Dubai Intl Airbus A380
EK03 – Milan to Amsterdam Airbus A380 A.C. Milan
EK04 – Amsterdam to Milan Airbus A380 A.C. Milan
EK05 – Milan to Madrid Airbus A380 A.C. Milan
EK06 – Dubai to Cairo Intl Boeing 777-300
EK07 – Hong Kong Intl Bangkok Boeing 777-300
EK08 – Malta Luqa to Dubai Intl Boeing 777-300
EK09 – Rome to Nice Cote d’Azur Boeing 777-300
EK10 – Bahrain to Bandar Abbass Boeing 777-300
EK11 – Dubai to Beirut Intl Boeing 747-400 SkyCargo
EK12 – Sydney to Auckland Intl Boeing 747-400 SkyCargo
EK13 – Dubai to Baghdad Intl Boeing 777-300
EK14 – Larnaca to Athens Boeing 777-300
EK15 – Dar-Es-Salaam to Nairobi Airbus A380

PES – (Passengers Entertainment System)

Missions also features the exclusive PES (Passengers Entertainment System), now fully customizable with your own sound tracks.

When you reach the cruising altitude, a Prompt Menu will appear on your screen with PES Options. You can play until six soundtracks in a single flight.

An entire section of the User Guide explain you how to use your own favorite soundtracks instead of those provided with the product!

Chart Book

Product includes a printable 77 pages eBook with all charts used in the missions and also useful information about Airports elevation, radio communication frequencies, runways etc.


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