Pilot In Command


Publisher – Perfect Flight
Title –  Pilot In Command MSFS
Version – Microsoft Flight Simulator (Standard, Deluxe and Premium)
Media – Download 110 MB (No refunds given )

Experience the thrill of piloting challenging landings at various airports with Pilot In Command!

This package provides 24 new landing challenges that fully immerse you in the most spectacular phase of flight.

A realistic landing experience can be simulated by using a variety of landing scenarios that accurately replicate both the aircraft’s performance and visual appearance.

The landing scenarios are diverse, ranging from landing on a remote island in the middle of the ocean to approaching a mountainous terrain. Experience the challenges of heavily populated airports and adverse weather conditions, including turbulence during approach.

Pilot In Command provides a compelling and immersive experience for individuals seeking a high degree of difficulty and advanced flying skills, but can also be used by all enthusiasts to test and improve their abilities.

The challenges incorporate several types of aircraft (C172, TBM950, King Air 350, Bonanza G36, Cessna Grand Caravan, Airbus A320, Boeing 747), depending on the size of the destination airport.

Using Real Weather guarantees a different mission every day!


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