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    FS Approaches Vol. 5 US Airports



    Publisher – Perfect Flight
    Title – FS Approaches Vol. 5 US Airports
    Version – FSX (All Versions)
    Media – Download 201 MB (No refunds given ) or Download + CD-R (+ € 12,00)

    Here is the long time waited Vol. 5 US Airports in FS Approaches series for Microsoft Flight Simulator X!

    FS Approaches Vol. 5 – US Airports offers you a realistic collection of multi-crew airline missions to replicate real life approach plates. Missions give you a realistic flight experience in one of the most important phase of flying.

    Special Feature extended – You can install a special feature that allow you to use any plane of your choice (instead of the included fleet) and edit time, date and season for each approach/mission. You does not need of external program or make complicated actions such adjustment, modification or file editing. Just install the special feature, choose the plane, time, date and season direct from the FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly with your favorite aircraft and settings without losing the Success message.

    Product feature:

    • 33 approach/missions over all major Airport in US (see mission table below)
    • 230 (!) navigation charts for ALL arrival airports. Charts are provided in two format: image Jpeg (to use in FSX), and PDF (high resolution) for external use
    • Tutorial – Learn how to use the GPS to execute an Approach. The User Guide includes detailed instruction about Basic Approach operation, Approaches with Procedure Turns, MIssed Approach, Approach with a Hold, Vector to Final Approach, and more.

    • Fleet – product also includes Boeing 737-400 Southwest, Airbus A321 JetBlue and Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic

    Missions Table

    Approach Plate Plane Used
    KABE – Lehigh Valley International Airbus A321
    KABQ – Albuquerque Sunport Intl Boeing 737-800
    KAUS – Austin Bergstrom International Boeing 737-800
    KBOS – Boston Logan Boeing 747-400
    KCLT – Charlotte Douglas Intl Boeing 747-400
    KCMH – Port Columbus International Boeing 737-800
    KDCA – Ronald Reagan Washington National Boeing 747-400
    KDEN – Denver Intl Boeing 737-800
    KDFW – Dallas Fort Worth Airbus A321
    KDTW – Detroit Metropolitan Boeing 737-800
    KEWR – Newark Liberty Intl Boeing 747-400
    KIAD – Washington Dulles Intl Boeing 747-400
    KICT – Wichita Mid Continent Boeing 737-800
    KJFK – New York John F Kennedy Intl Boeing 747-400
    KLAX – Los Angeles Intl Airbus A321
    KLGA – New York La Guardia Boeing 737-800
    KMCI – Kansas City International Airbus A321
    KMCO – Orlando International Airbus A321
    KMDW – Chicago Midway International Airbus A321
    KMIA- Miami International Boeing 747-400
    KOAK – Metro Oakland Intl Airbus A321
    KONT – Ontario International Airbus A321
    KORD – Chicago O’Hare Boeing 737-800
    KPDX – Portland International Boeing 747-400.
    KPHL – Philadelphia International Airbus A321
    KPHX – Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airbus A321
    KPIT – Pittsburgh International Boeing 737-800
    KRSW – Southwest Florida Intl Boeing 737-800
    KSAN – San Diego International Boeing 737-800
    KSEA – Seattle Tacoma Intl Boeing 747-400
    KSFO – San Francisco Intl Boeing 747-400
    KTPA – Tampa International Airbus A321
    PHTO – Hilo International Boeing 747-400




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