FS Approaches Vol. 6 Italian Airports


Publisher – Perfect Flight
Title – FS Approaches Vol. 6 Italian Airports
Version – FSX (All Versions)
Media – Download 270 MB (No refunds given ) or Download + CD-R (+ € 12,00)

An exclusive opportunity to fly in Italy and visit ALL airports of “Il Bel Paese“. Fs Approaches Vol. 6 Italian Airports offers the most completed and sophisticated approach flights with two realistic collections of missions (IFR and VFR) to replicate real life approach plates.

Although the large library of flight scenarios includes dawn approach, bad weather, fog and so.. you are able to change any default setting, included the airplane used for the approach. 

Two separate set of missions are provided. IFR Approach (to all italian airports with instrumental arrivals) and VFR Approach (to all minor airports) for a total of more than 100 missions. Try the difficulty of a very densely populated approach conditions or bumps, crosswind, turbulence on final and test your skill.

Each flight approach uses double phraseology, english and italian for a very enjoyable and exciting flight experience.

FS Approaches Vol 6 Italian Airpots is definitely one of the most spectacular titles produced by Perfect Fligh


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Product feature:

  • Two separate set of Missions for IFR and VFR appraoches for a total of 106 approach/missions over ALL Italian Airports such Rome, Milan, Venice, Trieste, Turin, Naples, Pisa, Catania, Florence, Palermo, Bologna but also Aosta, Trento, Bolzano, Sigonella, Cameri, L’Aquila, Siena, Perugia just to name a few in a not exaustive list!
  • +300 navigation charts available during the missions
  • Tutorial – . Learn how to use the GPS to execute an Approach. The User Guide includes detailed instruction about Basic Approach operation, Approaches with Procedure Turns, MIssed Approach, Approach with a Hold, Vector to Final Approach, and more.
  • Fleet. Product also includes a complete set of italian liveries fully equiped with FMC and the exclusive iPad Radar gauge made by Perfect Flight’s team. Fleet includes nine new airplanes:
    – CRJ 700 Air Dolomiti
    – Boeing 737-800 Meridiana, Blue Panorama, Mistral Air, Neos
    – Airbus A321 Air One, Air Vallee, Alitalia
    – Boeing 747-400 Alitialia
  • Fully customizable with our esclusive Special Feature that allow you to use any plane of your choice (instead of the included fleet) and to edit weather, time, date and season for each approach/mission. You does not need of external program or make complicated actions such adjustment, modification or file editing. Just install the special feature, choose the plane, weather, time, date and season direct from the FSX Free Flight Menu, then choose the desired mission and fly with your favorite aircraft and settings without losing the Success message
  • Custom voices (english and italian) for each mission for a total of more than 300 new wav voice/files

Free gift: Download for free the FS Approaches Vol 6 Italian Airports Cover Picture, the original high resolution photo (15 Megapixel) taken by Marco Martini and used as image for the cover of FS Approaches Vol 6 Italian Airports!


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